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2022 Teaching Kitchen Research Conference (TKRC)

UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center 425 Westwood Plaza, Kalifornien

The 2022 Teaching Kitchen Research Conference (TKRC), will take place Tuesday and Wednesday October 18-19, 2022. This will be the third international scientific conference devoted to original research involving teaching kitchens. It is being hosted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Department of Nutrition in association with the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative (TKC). The conference will take place both virtually and at the Luskin Conference Center at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. (In the event that public health guidance prohibits an in-person gathering the conference will convene virtually for all registrants.)

The purpose of this scientific conference is to convene teaching kitchen researchers, program staff and stakeholders to review and highlight new techniques, research strategies, and data, to improve and widen the scope of effective teaching kitchen programs to promote scientific discovery, and in alignment with the NIH and Healthy People 2030, to improve the health of individuals, families, and communities of all demographics.

199$ – 499$
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